Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fabric audit

I feel the need to organise and rationalise... a healthy pre-autumn wardrobe cleanse has led to a review of the fabrics I have gathered over the summer months for my ceramic patchworking.  Sourced from charity shops far and wide, it is always interesting to pause and see the overall flavour of what is catching my eye.  The oriental feel continues, as do geometrics, but I'm also loving the odd quirky conversational.  The print always is transformed when patchwoked back onto itself so it will be good to see what happens with these designs.
If any of these jump of out at you for a commissioned Ceramic Patchwork piece then do shout...

red pink oriental silk headscarf
burgundy blue floral headscarf
blue geometric silk hankie

liberty peacock silk scarf
black red geometric silk headscarf
black white silk dress
womad oxfam silk scarf
pleated green silk skirt
swiss silk headscarf
geometric grid headscarf
folk silk headscarf

bovey tracey silk horse headscarf
geometric suns silk top
grey dot geometric headscarf
lornas silk dress

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