Wednesday, 20 February 2013

En Paris

French material journeys...amassing, decaying, renovating, storing, delivering, developing, protecting, transporting...but also (a sad one) loosing.  One miss-guided Parisian Gallery baggage room decision saw me part company with my much loved and much travelled SLR camera, prompting a Gendarmerie visit to report the theft.  I am left with only the pictures taken on my HTC mobile...not quite as crisp but still a good record of the things that caught my eye...






Sunday, 3 February 2013

A knit from the past

I met an old friend a couple of weeks ago...a tiny jumper that I knitted for Mathew, then, the newborn son of a relative of mine... he is now 25!

I remember kitting the jumper, pre-ceramicpatchwork, pre-me-being-a-knitwear-designer, pre-degree, pre-foundation even.  I remember ad-libbing, working with no pattern.  I was impressed, Hickory-dickory-dock the mouse ran up the clock was knitted as a boarder running down the front, round the bottom then back up the front, numbers were dotted over the body and the raglan sleeves were fully fashioned.  All these design details I'd forgotten, but what I had remembered was the stuffed mouse that ran up the sleeve - squashed, but still perky after all the years.  The piece had been much loved as evidenced by the washed felted words.

Thank you Joanne for enjoying it, saving it and bringing it to the Mall Galleries to show me.  Mathew, you were too young to protest, but I hope you enjoyed wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it!
It is  ready for when grandchildren arrive...