Monday, 24 September 2012

My Tent home highlights

A visit to Tent as part of the London Design Festival always recharges the creative batteries. 
These are the products I spyed this weekend that would feature in the home of my future...

A W&Q chair....Graphics, colour and pattern are the basic elements that Qiongjie Yu and Siwen Huang use to revive the Chinese tradition of bamboo handicraft.  Their collection shows "...the impact between the designer's creative ideas and folk craftsmen's wisdom."  Fresh, contemporary and playful.

 My desk would be an ADAPTable designed by Mami Kim.  "Conceived as a solution to working on a wide range of creative tasks within a small space, the playful design allows for a user's changing needs, maximising suitability from moment to moment."  The surface has 6 interchangeable A4 side panels which slide into position on a rail system.  There is a growing collection of panels incorporating cutting surfaces, steel rulers, classic enamel cup pencil holders to choose from...A quality piece that could grow with you and would get better with age.

On my desk..... would sit an Orée portable wireless keyboard in maple.  Crafted, polished and assembled by hand in Languedoc in southern France, Orée is the result of a unique partnership between a technology entrepreneur, a product designer and a master woodcraftsman.  A beautiful haptic experience.

My dining table would have to be a SEER table.  Refined, simple, clever.  Superb attention to detail and brilliantly innovative.  From 4 to 8 person seating with never the need to sit straddling a table leg.  Made with responsibly sourced materials I would go for the European oak timber option.

My rug? ...a FRONT design by Jan Kath from his Erased Classic collection.  All rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal in line with centuries-old traditions using materials of the highest quality including Tibetan highland wool, the finest Chinese silk, cashmere and nettle fibres.    Its a toss up between the Tabriz Canal Aerial and Tabriz Lexington Sky designs at the moment...
A very lovely day of design dreaming!

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  1. Beautiful selection. I particularly love the W&Q chairs. There was so much to see at London Design Festival this year that I didn't even make it to Tent!!